Power on, but standby light not changing from Red to Blue.

Please check to see if batteries are in remote and if the batteries are functioning, the best way to check would be:

  1. If you have a Smartphone select the “Selfie” mode on the camera.
  2. Face the remote at the front facing camera and press any buttons
  3. If there is a light flashing on your phone screen, this indicate that there is a unfortunate malfunction with the TV and under the manufactures warranty, as long as there is no damage to the TV we will repair under warranty.
  4. If there is no light flashing this could mean either batteries are not working or the remote is not working and we can then look towards having a new remote sent out.

I ordered a TV with some Speakers, but I’ve only received the TV
As the items are fragile we do not pack the entire order into one parcel, with that being said, the delivery is split into two parcels and you may receive one after the other, in some cases you may receive the Proofvision TV on one day and the accessories on the following day. If its been more than a day apart of you not receiving please give us a call and we can track down this order.

I have received my TV but the packaging and TV is damaged.
We are sorry you have experienced this inconvenience, what we ask for you to do is please take photos of the packaging and TV and please send these to hendry@proofvision.co.uk and our Technical Service Associate will contact you with the necessary steps to take.

My bathroom is really bright could I have any problems seeing the TV?
We do appreciate that some bathrooms may be very bright due to lighting and tiling etc so we highly recommend that the TV will need to be mounted no more than 0.3 metres above eye level when you are in the position that you are most likely to view the TV.  This should minimise the reflection that you may receive.

Please take into consideration that not having the TV near eye level will cause a reflective glare.

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